About Us

Who We Are


Business Anatomy and its affiliates offer a suite of business and financial solutions for small and medium businesses with an emphasis on cost containment. In the last decade, these solutions have resulted in over $500 millions’ in benefits for our clients without changing the service providers.

Whether you are a business constantly feeling the squeeze from regulations and the cost of business continues to climb, OR you are paying very high taxes despite the best foot forward put forth by your CPA, we can help you protect your hard-earned dollars!

Our goal is to help put the same regulations to your advantage in ways that reduce your cost of doing business and reduce the taxable liability.

Our Approach

Our representative will work with you to discover which services are right for your business, and can even provide a calculation of benefit that each service will yield. We structured our organization and processes to meet all of the challenges commonly experienced by companies attempting to capture financial savings and reinvest in their businesses with a focus on each client’s specific industry, circumstances and goals.

Throughout each project our team works side by side with our clients, CPAs, and accounting staff in the least intrusive way to ensure a smooth integration of these lucrative benefits. We pride in our client service orientation and have a strong track record of driving results.

our services

Specialized Tax Incentives

We are not a CPA firm but we have a team of specialists in Construction Finance, CPAs, Attorneys, and Engineers, to deliver the Specialized Tax benefits.                  

Expense Reduction

We bring to you the top experts from specific industries. Our highly specialized team has one, and only one goal in mind – boosting our clients’ bottom line.                       

Merchant Class Action

We work with a third party class-action claims consulting firm, which has helped our clients RECOVER MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from class action funds.           

Financial Services

We work with many business owners to facilitate individualized, personalized and proprietary wealth accumulation programs using one of the most powerful approaches.